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Who We Are

Why “Modern Main Street” ? Because with all this talk about fairness for Main Street – it is important to remember that fundamentally, times have changed. Today’s “Main Street” includes businesses both offline AND online. Small business powers this nation and forgetting about either group, online or offline, while building legislation in the name of “fairness” is very harmful.

A Modern Main Street is competitive, welcoming and exciting; It embodies the American Spirit of competition, independence, freedom of choice, giving back to the local community and growing a business to provide for family.

Modern Main Street brings together the ideals of entrepreneurism and small businesses both online and offline to foster equal rights and equal business opportunities for both groups.

We are a collection of like-minded online and offline businesses, committed to educating citizens, other small businesses and elected officials about the pending State-level sales tax laws that threaten to hurt growing online enterprises.

We’re committed to the belief that fixing the application of online sales tax shouldn’t hurt small businesses that operate on the Web. Any solution that brings fairness to the application of online sales tax should be based on a Federal solution that truly brings the desired fairness, without harming online businesses.

Modern Main Street supports the recent introduction of the Federal level “Main Street Fairness Act”, brought by Senator Dick Durbin (Illinois) as an effort to bring fairness to the application of sales tax that does not harm industries such as Performance Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or other forms of online advertising.

Modern Main Street does NOT support State-by-State “Nexus laws” which are attempts to impose sales tax collection on out-of-state retailers – without Federal level action – based on the premise that online advertising creates a “nexus”. These attempts by States only serve to harm businesses as out-of-state retailers choose, in mass, to terminate advertising contracts in effected States. Bills brought by States are ineffective, unconstitutional, unfair to a large group of businesses, and ultimately bring in little to no income for the State.

Why Modern Main Street?

Modern Main Street is a vibrant, bustling place that is filled with a multitude of choices and business models – many of them online.

The local shopkeeper who has run the hardware store for 30 years isn’t just selling to customers that walk in on a Saturday morning to pick up some materials for a home repair project. If he’s keeping up with the times (and the technology advances) he has a website that allows local customers (and maybe some beyond his region) to purchase items and have them shipped.  Or maybe these customers order products via the website and pick them up at his store.

The reality is that businesses – no matter how large or small – are moving to embrace selling their products online because that’s where customers are flocking.  American’s are spending an average of (blank) hours online doing things like connecting with family and friends; sharing photos; talking and reading about issues that are important to them; and shopping.

Modern Main Street is a melting pot of small businesses looking to fulfill the American dream by creating their own successful business, being their own bosses and delivering service and value to customers seeking to find a product or solve a problem.

Modern Main Street unites brick-and-mortar mom and pop stores; work-at- home mom’s selling their one-of-a-kind jewelry or crafts; and a growing number of work-at-home professionals who create websites that offer other people’s products to a growing audience hungry for choice, convenience and competitive pricing.

Modern Main Street is competitive, welcoming and exciting.


Modern Main Street embodies the American Spirit of competition, independence, freedom of choice, giving back to the local community and growing a business to provide for family.